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Originally a Master's thesis, this project's roots date back to 2010. Good times.


This is a platform for discussing the psychology & physiology of vitality. 

If you're in a hurry, here's the lowdown:

Energy is the wellspring of life. It’s the creative force that underlies everything we think, feel and do.

When our energy levels are at their peak, we experience vitality. Stemming from the Latin vita, which means life, vitality is the ultimate marker of wellbeing — a feeling of inner vigor and enthusiasm, a general zest for living.

Most of us experience vitality as a product of chance.  It shows up in brief, spontaneous bursts brought on by external rewards. But in assuming an active approach to personal energy management, these experiences can be made more frequent, more profound and more sustainable.


Vitality is just another word for energy. In psychology, “subjective vitality” is used as a measure of how energetic each of us subjectively feels.

When we better manage our energy, we are rewarded with more positive energy to direct to our work and relationships,  yielding a cycle through which we become more present, engaged and connected.

The model of dynamic, purposeful living that Energy Mindful believes in draws on deep knowledge and experience of Eastern and Western approaches to health and wellness. We believe the key to lasting vitality includes a focus on:




Here are some quick stats:

1 %

45 percent of Americans sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night reported feeling tired or fatigued up to three times a week.

Source: Statista

1 %

Only six percent of Americans eat vegetarian, but nearly 40% now make an effort to eat more plant-based foods.

Source: Nielsen


My name’s Blake Miner. I’m just a guy who loves to learn.

I founded Energy Mindful (by a different name) back in 2011 to help others lead healthier, happier, more balanced lives by facilitating the skillful management of personal energy.


Born and raised in Canada, Blake developed an early interest in health through sport. The high of a long, endorphin-rich run and the thrill of an intense, adrenaline-charged hockey game were his first experiences of the profound mind and body rewards of positive energy output.

In 2008, Blake received his Bachelor of Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa. Wanting to take his health studies to the next level but still unsure which field to narrow in on, he embarked on a two-year sabbatical, living and working in South Korea and traveling throughout Southeast Asia. During this time, he was exposed to alternative approaches to wellness that would expand his understanding of what it means to be healthy and fulfilled.

Through the controlled, scientific health principles he studied in the West, Blake became well versed in the value of physical energy management through proper nutrition and regular exercise. In the East, the mindfulness-based practices by which individuals strengthen and enrich their inner beings introduced him to new, complementary dimensions of energy on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels that, when well managed, could produce equally powerful health benefits.

The link between holistic energy management and overall wellbeing became the focus of Blake’s graduate thesis at the City University of Hong Kong, where he earned his Master of Applied Psychology in 2011, and serves as the foundation of The Energy Life.


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